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  • dark urban high fantasy - two settings
    Murder, action, crime, magic, fantasy, and a little slice of life, you choose your story when you Step into Oblivion! SiO is an 18+, 3/3/3, original dark fantasy RPG with two settings to choose from. Pandemonium will flourish on the site, so social unrest and battles won’t be uncommon; they will develop depending on the actions that your characters choose, or don’t choose, to take. We are a mature, low key, laid back community with no word count or strict activity requirements. A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up.
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    It's just entered summer time in the world of Lore, bringing in the tropical heat and rain storms.
  • All individual works and characters are copyrighted to the players who created them. All images used in this skin were found on Unsplash. The Parallax Slider was created by RingWang, and the CFS script was created by Black of Code. Patterns provided by SubtlePatterns. Pips and Markers by Black Widow of RPG-D.

    Alusterial, Alyth, Cloudia, Crimia, Lore and Sannara were created by Zema. Most species found on SiO were made by Zema, others were made by Seth. Mngwa were created by Wolfbane.

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Eternally pure, and forever truly wild, Leviathia is the "light" category of Alustreial. All of the holy races are born here, and it was once the home of Mistress 9's castle-formally called "Silent Castle" but later called "Silent Ruins". Both Darkenist and Divinist texts say that the Heaven Queen (another nickname of Lego's) descended to build a world with her sisters and took to the west where she rose the earth that would shape Leviathia. Before she took to the land to bring it to life, she carved out the shape of the continent and poked a few colossal holes in the land itself to fill with water. It is said that the moment her heels brushed the barren, fresh molded earth, that grass and flowers grew beneath her.
The Setrius Divide gets its name from being the "middle sibling"; these are literally the middle lands separating Leviathia from Neberos. It is separated from Neberos by oceans of magma and divided from Leviathia by crystal clear waters; it borders both divisions with a barrier of jagged, molten rock, protecting its lands from the destruction bordering Neberos, but at the same time, denying the nutrition from Leviathia's rich waters. However, the lands of the Setrius Divide are savage, untamable, and are constantly ravaged by war.
A land where live or die by the sword is the only law, evil runs rampant, a nation besieged by enemies within... Heroes and villains, good and evil, honor and loyalty, disorder and betrayal rule. Neberos are the dark lands of the Mother of Darkness, and is home to the ever expanding Shadow Empire, Darkling Woods (which extends across the higher grounds overlooking the shores facing the Setrius Divide), and Darkovia - the country in which demons, vampires and werewolves thrive.
To the southern hemisphere lies the vast frozen continent of Titania, where a man freezes to death in seconds. Warming Potions are the only way to navigate the artic wastelands of Titania without dying. Ice sprites and other icy creatures thrive here. There is no surviving plant life above ground, and thus, most of the continents inhabitants thrive underground where they are closer to the world's core. It's said that there is an underground paradise beneath Titania's snowy grounds, yet no one has been able to confirm this for sure.

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