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  • dark urban high fantasy - two settings
    Murder, action, crime, magic, fantasy, and a little slice of life, you choose your story when you Step into Oblivion! SiO is an 18+, 3/3/3, original dark fantasy RPG with two settings to choose from. Pandemonium will flourish on the site, so social unrest and battles won’t be uncommon; they will develop depending on the actions that your characters choose, or don’t choose, to take. We are a mature, low key, laid back community with no word count or strict activity requirements. A great place for players who want to write, not worry about keeping up.
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    It's just entered summer time in the world of Lore, bringing in the tropical heat and rain storms.
  • All individual works and characters are copyrighted to the players who created them. All images used in this skin were found on Unsplash. The Parallax Slider was created by RingWang, and the CFS script was created by Black of Code. Patterns provided by SubtlePatterns. Pips and Markers by Black Widow of RPG-D.

    Alusterial, Alyth, Cloudia, Crimia, Lore and Sannara were created by Zema. Most species found on SiO were made by Zema, others were made by Seth. Mngwa were created by Wolfbane.

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Where the Cliffs stop, the Great Wall of Scaeptrum begins, around the edge of the city. The walls are not just a defense for the city, but a massive living sector for the army and guard of the city, the walls are as thick as buildings and just as tall as the cliffs they are next to. There are several guard towers along the wall, each a hundred meters from each other and tall. There are three gates into the city, which all remain open during peace time for traders, merchants, visitors and other travelers. Near the walls is the grand Library, and across from it, the mega hospital.
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Cidaris (Sid-ar-riss; latin for 'crown') is the grand castle that rests near the center of Lake Wicker, close to the city of Scaeptrum, from which the Rulers' rule and conduct their business. When the continents of the world were merged into Concordia the super-continent, so too were all of the twelve zodiac castles. Thus, Cidaris is the union of all of the Kingdoms. The grand castle hovers rests upon a skyland that hovers over the lake, with bridges that connect it to the capital as well as all of the smaller skylands surrounding it.

At the center of the land it rests upon is the Obsidian Tower, with the castle (in the shape of an octagon) surrounding it. The northern and sourthern parts of the castle is opened to allow water to flow through, surrounding the tower. To the northeast of the castle wall is the Tower of Fangs from Gemini, where the Soul Masters and now other winged units stop in as well as train.

Inside, the castle is a thing to be marveled - especially the throne room, which is arguably the largest chamber in Cidaris. Onyx tiles, lined by statues of each sign's astrological beast - including the Serpentarius - line the path leading to the thrones. At the end of the chamber are the thirteen thrones for each Ruler; they're the original thrones from each of the 12 castles. Behind them are banner's for their old individual Kingdoms, and above them, the ceiling is a starry sky with their star sign. To the left is a large aquarium.
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Flying Islands all around the skies of the city, connected to each other by marvelously artistic bridges that are made out of a clear material that looks like glass. It seems Mayaheine had also moves many of the mansions and noble houses into Skyland neighborhoods, so the higher ups could literally be above everyone else. Also on one Skyland there is a base, an airship docking bay for the Airforce military of the city, and the largest Divinist Temple in all of Concordia that shines with the rising sun and glows softly with the moonlight. The Oblivion's Ring Temple is nearby without any bridges to get to it and instead, has various portals throughout the districts to enter. Citizens that enter go into a place where the normal rules of time and space do not apply.
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The majority of the city would seem to be the Above Ground district, which has the market places, most of the homes and housing areas, and just about anything else one could think of. The architecture seems mostly a mix of Gothic from Gemini, the semi-clear Snow Crystal from Sagittarius and many, many more stylings from across the planet. It’s not all dense metropolis, as the outer area of the city seems more dedicated to suburbs and neighborhoods. At its center rests a tower of snow crystal (a type of semi-clear rock mined in Talamh's mountains, which now lay to the north), upon which a treasured new feature of the city can be found.

Facing the west from the tower is an astronomical clock, surrounded by four figures. The four figures are set in motion at the hour, with Death (represented by a skeleton) striking the time. On the hour there is a presentation of statues of the Apostles at the doorways above the clock, with all twelve presented at noon. The tower itself rests at the center of decorated ground, a picture of the 13 zodiac signs surrounded by rural scenes of the seasons. In addition, all temples to the Gods of Alyth stand among this district, as well as the national bank.
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Along the sides of the city are two great cliff walls that face off against each other, making the city itself a valley. Both these cliffs have dwellings within them, many Cliffside homes made for flying races while others are connected to a magitech elevator system. Among these dwellings is the super school, Fortress Academy.
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All homes in the Above Ground District seem to lead to the underground, and there are many ways on the streets to arrive as well. Several underwater caves in the harbor lead here as well. The underground is an expansive area of shops and streets, and other places, but is probably best known for housing the new Red Light Street, where many specialty stores for adult needs are around and many other entertaining enterprises not meant for younger eyes. Despite the lack of sunlight, magitech lights are all around and dazzling, keeping the underground lively day and night no matter what. The underground district goes down and around for many miles, drastically increasing the size of the city beyond what can even be seen on the surface, and the surface was already huge. There are also Feeding Areas for Vampires to feed on donors hired by such places in this area. There's also a enormous Darkenist Temple for both Salis and Shu'lis Darkenists in this district.

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